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30% reduced OPEX with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS monitor
30% reduced OPEX with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS monitor
A change in the mix reduces energy consumption by 50 per cent
Danish wastewater plant Drøsbro has reduced its tanks’ energy costs by 50 per cent following some rethinking – and replacing.
A fresh start
Battered by decades of war, poverty and a queasy political situation, the challenges facing Afghanistan are immense. Fortunately, assistance is pouring in from all over the globe.
A matter of trust
The national Swiss television is run in the interests of its viewers and listeners. Ensuring value for money is a core responsibility for the employees every day dedicated to produce fi rst class radio and television. The Schweizer Fernsehen has a portfolio of services in place which is suited to the digital age, and which enables the SF to bring more value than ever before.
A Starck presence
Duravit AG, Hornberg, produces sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, accessories, baths, shower bases and health products and has undergone considerable growth in recent years, particularly in its export business. The company (2,300 employees, turnover around €160 million) has been influential in the development of the sanitary industry worldwide and has become a trend setter for innovative bathroom design.
A ‘world of difference’ and 70-80% savings with hospital heating pumps
Sligo University Hospital retrofitted its heating system with new boilers and intelligent pumps from Grundfos. With remote monitoring and control and built-in intelligence that adapt the pumps’ output to the actual heating system pressure, the hospital is saving up to 80% on electrical use for the new pumps. Read more and see the case film.
After-hours external monitoring service cuts utility’s costs in half
When Ishøj’s town council cut the city’s after-hours monitoring service for the local wastewater utility in 2013, the company already knew the true expense and hassle of running such a service on its own.
AQUA Engineering: Grundfos is full-line supplier to leading water treatment ...
Aqua Engineering GmbH in Mondsee, Austria, is a subsidiary of, BWT - Best Water Technology, Europe’s leading business in the field of water treatment with an annual turnover of app. 350 million € and a workforce of more than 2500 people.
Arena Riga exclusively employs Grundfos pumps
Latvia, Riga: The capital of Latvia is famous for its cultural and art traditions, its beautiful nature and is praised by many as the European capital of art-nouveau architecture.
As cities grow, so does their waste – and highly potent water leachate. ...
Shenyang, China, a city of around 8 million people, is mostly flat. But just north of the city in Daxing, a mountain rises from the plains. This is a mountain of rubbish, supplied by the city’s residents. It is one of two landfills that serves the municipality. As the city grows, the landfill grows with it – along with the corresponding environmental challenges.