The Group heavily invests in R&D to be able to constantly introduce ground-breaking products with increased capabilities and high quality performance.

Quality is key in all Grundfos products, which implies a constant focus on construction, design and choice of materials and processes. Grundfos production companies are registered according to ISO 9001, the international environmental standard of ISO 14001 and the European EMAS.

As Direct Sensors™ is a result of the work in the Grundfos labs, and manufacturing is conducted at Grundfos production facilities, quality registrations apply not only to pumps but also to sensors.

Furthermore, as the sensors are used in application for drinking water, the components which the Direct Sensors™ are composed of have been approved by the most common drinking water approval institutes.

The main technology used in the production of Grundfos Direct Sensors™ is a proprietary Grundfos innovation called Silicoat®.