District heating


Reliable, efficient and intelligent

When it comes to district heating there are three essential promises the pumping solutions needs to live up to: reliability, efficiency and intelligence. The foremost demand from the heating customers is that there is heat in their system, second that the price is of heat is as low as possible and finally it is important for the heating company that intelligence in the system allows for monitoring, auto-optimization and complete control. At Grundfos we are dedicated to fulfil these three promises.

A wide portfolio
While the two most important pumps in a district heating system are the main pumps at the heat source and in larger systems the distribution pumps, these cannot do the job alone. In a typical district heating system pumps play an important part in several crucial applications such as boiler shunt pump, lull heat pump, flow filter pump and water treatment system. No matter the district heating application, Grundfos has a pump to match your need – and ensure an optimized system end to end.

Reliability is in the detail
Keeping your district energy system running reliably for decades on end requires attention to details as well and to contingencies.

Pressure, flow and temperature are the main parameters to consider, but other parameters such as purity of the water along with the pH-value decide the wear and tear in your systems pipes and plate heat exchanges. These parameters are effective regulated with a flow filter system as well as an effective water treatment system, both featuring Grundfos pumps as an integral part.

In case there is a breakdown in the system contingency systems like pressure holding boosters and lull heat pumps come into play. The pressure holding system ensures that a system wide pressure loss does not occur and the lull heat pumps ensure that the back-up boilers can be started right away.

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Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers and our vast experience with District Heating dates back 50 years. Grundfos technology is a proud part of one of the most efficient and reliable heating system in the world.

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