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Group Communications

Media contacts

Please use the following Grundfos media relations contacts for inquiries by the media only.

Journalists on deadline are advised to contact Grundfos media relations employees by phone rather than email.


Peter Trillingsgaard

Peter Trillingsgaard, Group Vice President Group Communication & Public Affairs

Phone: +45 8750 1400
Phone, direct: +45 8750 6900
Mobile Phone: +45 6042 9824
Fax: +45 87 50 1402

Thomas Bech Sørensen-Hylle

Thomas Bech Sørensen-Hylle, Communicator Group Communication

Phone: +45 8750 1400
Mobile Phone: +45 2476 9368
Fax: +45 87 50 1402

Group purchase


Contact us if you are interested in becoming a supplier.

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Whistleblower system

The Grundfos whistleblower system gives employees, board members and third parties cooperating with Grundfos (such as suppliers, advisers, consultants, business partners etc.) a channel to report suspected criminal acts or non-compliance with the Grundfos Code of Conduct if they feel uncomfortable using the normal channels. The reporting can be done in any language and can be done anonymously. 

A report must be based on valid information and must be made in good faith. 

We do encourage you to provide your name in the report, but regardless of whether you choose to use your name or be anonymous, please open a secure post box through the system. This makes it safer and easier for us to communicate with you regarding your report.  

All reports are treated with the strictest confidentiality. 

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